Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dream House

What would you want in a dream house?  Come this fall we are looking at having to move so we have been searching for houses that would fit our family.  We have to start now so we know what kind of expense we are looking at.  With rentals you need the first and last month rent, security deposit, and of course the moving van and turning on the utilities.  Plus we have to hire cleaners for this house, a requirement of the landlord.  Which quite frankly if you had a family this size living here for 3 years you would want it professionally cleaned too.  Still, I don't expect our security deposit back.

Anyhow, we are looking at houses.  Rentals have to have at least 6 bedrooms for our family (even though with rooms big enough we really only need 4 since everyone wants to sleep together).  As I am looking I am realizing there are certain requirements that I have to have.  I can't pretend to be able to make it with a house that doesn't have a very large dining area, simply because we would not fit otherwise.  We have to have a walk in pantry, just to store enough food for a week requires a good sized cabinet.  Counter space isn't that big of a deal but I have to have at least 4 complete uppers and 6 complete lower cabinets. More would be better but if we have too many more than you just don't know where everything is.  BTDT, bigger isn't always better.  I have to have a door to the bathroom in the master, none of these decorative arches stuff.  I would be really happy with a series of doors, with combination locks and sound proofing but I realize that is probably not something any one has ever built.  No rocks in the backyard.  Something people here like to do is landscape with rocks.  Well little boys and rocks are not a good combination, you can ask our neighbors.  So no rocks.

As we are looking at these houses though I have seen things of my dreams.  2 kitchens, irrigated lots with mature citrus trees, pools, balconies, looooong driveways, 8 bedrooms with full basements complete with separate entrances to the backyard.  Whirlpool tubs and walk in closets in every room, double ovens and climate controlled pantries, laundry rooms with space for fridges and freezes.  Stuff I have literally dreamt about.  But what do I really need?  How realistic do I have to be.  Cause I am sure I can find excuses for just about any of those amenities.

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