Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I think they might be stir crazy

Schools out.  We are at day 3 of summer break, and I think they are already bored.  Not sure what tipped me off.  Maybe it was when three of my boys decided to stick veggie sticks up their nose.  No worries they are hollow.  Or perhaps it was when my 4 yr old sat on the top bunk and threw the stuffed animals from our Noah's ark all over the room.  It could have been when the kids ate popcorn and then spit the kernels at each other.  It might  have been when they tried to vacuum each other.  The idea was good but my vacuum can't handle dirt like that.  I didn't mind the chair and stool maze too much, that was better than when they sat behind the sofa pillows and threw "bombs", aka blocks, all over the floor.  Its far easier to avoid a chair, not so much for avoiding stepping on blocks. 

I think someone has to come up with things to keep these kids busy.  And I am betting that someone is me. 

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