Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What homeschoolers do on summer break

Like most people we look forward to the time off from school that is summer break.  We like to sleep in too.  But give free range to kids and all hell breaks loose. You need to keep kids occupied.  This is a challenge here in the desert, you can't really send the kids outside to play.  Indoor activities are usually the safest thing to do.  In the dark, with the air conditioner on. 

One of our favorite things to do is read books.  This summer we are doing Book Adventure and it really brings out the kids competitive side.  I am impressed with how much the kids remember from their reading.  I am gonna have to start getting more strict when they say, "But I forgot!"

Reading is all good and fine if you like laying around all day.  Apparently my boys do not.  I need to get them moving.  But again, here activities have to be done in doors. But thats cool, you can bowl for free! Well the kids, not you.  You can also join a league, which is what we have to do since there are no participating centers in AZ.  We have a homeschool league here that meets on Monday mornings.  Great way to meet and play with other kids. 

And what else do you do in the summer, but swim?

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