Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honoring our Fathers

When we were instructed to 'Honor our fathers and mothers' I don't think it really meant buy them the biggest screen tv you can fit in your house.  I know for my own father, if I going to go show respect for him, its not going to be done in gifts and praise.  Although, he would probably go for that too.  I will show him respect by not telling him he needs to baste the turkey more, cause dang its dry.  And I won't poke his belly and tell him he could lose a few pounds.  I will keep my mouth shut when he tries to convince me the computer is cheating when he plays hearts.  Instead of laughing at him I will help him get up off that floor.  When he tells me the next one better be a girl, I will just agree with him.  Although we are all thinking the same thing, "Yea right."  And most importantly I will talk to him with dignity and do as he asks so as to set a good example for my younger brothers still living at home.

Kids can honor their father by being obedient and showing him their love.  My kids have a funny way of showing you their love.  When they have 1 french fry left and offer it to you, you better believe that was a huge token of love and esteem right there.  2 year olds think that changing their own diaper must be the best gift anyone could ever give.  But they also can be totally sweet and cute with their gift giving too.  My 7 year old made a house out of a pizza box complete with tables and chairs.  Several drew pictures for daddy, which will probably end up on his cubicle wall at work.

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