Friday, June 24, 2011

Reading is fun

You will find us reading quite frequently here.  I have a few kids whose reading appetite is simply insatiable.  By insatiable I mean will read a book the same day they get it.  They will read anything that is left laying around that has words on it.  I have 3 kids right now who are doing extra chores and their reward is more reading material.  My oldest wants the boxed collection of Warriors, my youngest daughter is working towards a subscription to Astronomy and my oldest son is working for the last 2 books he needs to complete his collection of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

If you have kids like mine then check out your local library for summer reading programs.  Ours also has a reading screening for grades 1-3. Not that they need an extra incentive to read, but if they are going there anyway for more books you might as well sign up.

Worried the kids will trash the books and you will end up replacing it anyway?  You can get them cheap at Book Closeouts.   It helps they send me a $7 coupon every time I order.  I really like that I can find new things to try out for myself there.  Cause even though I will spend a small fortune on books for the kids, I simply can't spend more than a few dollars on myself.

Check out my widget to the right, We Read.  Keep track of the books you want to read, the ones you have read, read reviews, recommend books to others, review books and get recommendations based on your reviews.  Remember when I made my New Years Resolution to read more? I ended up surpassing my goal of reading 1 a month and read 13 in 2010.  This year I hope to read more than 13.

How about Barnes and Noble Kids Club? Who doesn't want a cupcake on their birthday?

So go read.  Its fun.

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