Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? I typically make them and never stick to them.  I have resolved for the past 5 years to finish that quilt I am making.  Who ever thought it was a good idea to hand quilt a quilt when you have a bunch of kids was an idiot.  Oh that would be me.  One of these years I will actually finish the quilt.  I might be 70 and be doing it for my great granddaughter but I will finish it. 

Now my list, in all its glory - New Years Resolutions

1. Finish that dang quilt.
2. Make money.  I want to make money, so I can spend it on a vacation.  Dh has a little more than 2 weeks of vacation time before September 1st.  And dang it we are gonna use it.  I just need to fund it.
3. Read more.  I would like to read a book a month.  Which you would think wouldn't be that difficult.  I just don't get a moments peace. And no, reading book after book to kids does not count.
4. Hike more.  This one shouldn't be that difficult since the kids like to do this and beg us to go.  But its funny how easily life gets in the way and we don't go.  So I guess better planning might be in order.  Either that or quit sleeping in on Saturdays.
5. Smile more. When I was younger people would often comment that I smiled all the time, to the point where it made me self conscious.  I was thinking how if those people saw me today, would they think the same thing?  Probably not.  Life has gotten much more serious over the years.  That just means I need to work harder to enjoy the parts that aren't.

If you noticed my resolutions are all "To Do's" and not negative "Quit" or "Do less" ofs.  I figured I might stick to them if they are things to do rather not do. 

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