Friday, January 1, 2010

Electricity is Electrifying

You probably think this is gonna be a homeschool post. I guess it could be classified as a  "Life Lesson", but no not really about homeschooling. It is however about me laughing my fool head off at the Dh. 

We have a light on an end table that has gone rogue.  Its a bad light.  Full of mischief and deviancy.  First it breaks its shade.  I can only conclude it was the light itself since all the kids denied it.  So it sat there for about 6 months glaring at us with its huge light bulb.  Did you know that shades are more than just decoration?  Yup, its protection against flying balls. You probably guessed, the light bulb broke.  I had to break down and buy a shade for $2.50; oh the humanity.  Foiled, the light had to come up with another plan to drive us all insane.

For some time the light was fine then one decides it doesn't want to turn on.  Yes, we checked to see it was plugged in.  Yes, the bulb was fine. Then another day it turns on.  The next day it doesn't work again.  And so turning on the light became like playing the lotto...Will we hit the jackpot today?! 

Yesterday it all came to a head when the dh says, "Have you seen this light?  I think it has issues."  I nodded and said, "Yes, for some time."  I probably should have taken the hint to look at the light when he said, "Have you seen this light."  I looked up as I walked by,  the top half was hanging there like a broken fishing pole.  The cords the only thing keeping the two pieces together.  Yea, I'd say it has issues.  Once again I can only assume the light did it to itself, cause no one was talkin.  I told the dh he should unplug it before someone electrucuted themselves.  He assured me it would be fine and he would fix it. 

There on the sofa he sat, light between his legs. My 7 yr old unplugged the light for him while he worked on it.  "Brilliant!" I thought, he listened to me.  He got all the pieces back where they were supposed to be and asked ds to plug the light back in as he held it with one hand.  Then just as quickly yelled, "UNPLUG IT." 

"I think it has a short."  he says.    Really, what gave it away?  The not turning on?  Oh no, it would the wattage now racing through his arm.  I didn't say, "I told you so."  But I did stand there laughing at him. 

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