Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't Stick your Hand in a Dark Place

We lost our universal adapter.  We lose a lot of things.  Surprisingly our heads are still attached.  Probably because the kids can't walk off with them.  And I need that universal adapter.  I actually found the end to it in my sewing drawer.  We all know I need the end in all sorts of sewing projects.  I have no idea what it was doing in there, I was just checking every drawer.  I looked under sofas and book cases, in the Dh's dresser, under beds, everywhere.  Except on top of the cabinets. 

I am too short to see on top of the cabinets even on the step stool.  So I climbed on top of the counters.  Yes, I know we tell the kids not to do this, I'm still trying to think up an excuse.  I found 2 tomatoes the kids threw up there, they were dehydrated and looked like potpourri.  Don't ask why the kids were throwing tomatoes, or why I never cleaned it (they are still up there).  Just file it away under, "I don't want to know."  But I did not find the adapter.  There was one cabinet left on the side.  A side that happens to have dirty dishes still there waiting to go in the dish washer.  So I gingerly climbed up there but couldn't see on top.  I could only stand on the edge where there were no dishes.  So I reached my hand up there, hoping not to find another tomato or worse a mouse or a trantula.  I feel dust.  Then I feel....something.  Its crunchy and flacky.  I pull my hand back as I jump.  Remember I am standing on the edge of the counter.  I grab the cabinet to keep from falling to an embarrasing death.  Thankfully the cabinet held my momminess, if you know what I mean.  I push the dishes away with my feet so I can look up there, afraid of what I might find.  It wasn't the adaptor.

It was a rose the Dh gave me a couple years ago.  Apparently I put it up there when I couldn't find a place for it somewhere else.  So don't go sticking your hand in dark places, especially if you are standing on the edge of a counter.  The adapter is still missing.

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