Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thinks I Thought Today

I wanted to write 'THINGS I thought today', but when I saw my typo I left it because I feel its more appropriate.

Moms don't always say the things we think  Surprising isn't it, with all the yelling and direction we give? Instead of just keeping it to myself I though I would share with you the Thinks I thought but did not say.

While I was cleaning his room I could hear my oldest son down stairs tell my 2 yr old, "Get off me, I am not a horse."  I thought 'Who would be able to tell?  You live like an animal."  And why was I cleaning my sons room?  After 3 days of boys complaining, despite 2 loads of laundry, that they did not have anything to wear the Dh went in search of the problem - dirty clothes shoved under beds.  Hence, why I thought they lived like animals.

My 7 yr old tipped the cookie sheet thereby sliding all the unbaked cookies off the cookie sheet and onto the window of the oven.  I scrapped them up with a spatula and slapped them back onto the cookie sheet.  When he asked if he could bake them that way I told him no.  What I was thinking however was, "Sure, go ahead.  I don't care if you eat cookies that were smooshed onto the window of the oven.  As clean as I am sure it is what with Christmas having been like a week or 2 ago."  And the reason I said no was because if I had said what I was thinking he wouldn't have cared they were nasty from all the whatever is on the window.

 When my son came in my office to see me and subsequently farted I told him, "Dude, you don't come in here and stink it up."  When what I was thinking was, 'Ack, I thought it was the dog.  Good Lord what have you been eating?'  The worst was when he denied it, the dog would have owned up to it.  That I probably should have told him.

I told my 5 yr old to clean his room.  He told me, "I am playing Zoo Tycoon."  I told him he was playing zoo tycoon.  He was done now.  He murmured something unintelligible as he walked out of the room but in the hall I heard him clearly say, "Whats wrong with you woman?" I laughed.  What I was thinking was, "Gosh he sounds just like his father."  That I know I should have told him.  He would have laughed too.

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