Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Potty Training

Wouldn't it be great if your children potty trained themselves?  Yup, no reminding them to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes.  No secluding yourself in the house for fear of accidents.  No wiping butts or cleaning up dirty underwear. None of This happening.  I think its every parents dream.  And I am living it.

You read right, my 2 yr old is potty training himself.  I have known for awhile that he is ready to be out of diapers.  But this boy does not take kindly to demands.  If I set the timer and told him to go potty he would run in the opposite direction screaming no.  Not because he was afraid to go, simply because I told him.  He is a strong willed child, to put it nicely.  What I can do is encourage him.  And I guess it worked.

I was busy rewinding a VHS tape (There are still some in existence.  I think we own the worlds last remaining artifacts) but, the rewinder doesn't work, so I had to hit the rewind button over and over.  Anyhow...I was busy.  My 2 yr olds diaper was coming off.  I offered to fix it but he just decided to take it off.  After I was done rewinding I went to put a diaper on my 2 yr old only to discover he had one on.  He had put a diaper on himself.  Thats when you know they are ready to be in underwear!  The Dh says, "A self changing toddler.  You gotta love that. "

But it gets better.  Sorta.  The Dh and I were in the kitchen making dinner when who comes in but our toddler, who pulls out his penis and pees on the floor.  I was thinking he was just being bad.  But there was a method to his madness.  Yes, I have a 2 yr old who plans being bad.  No, he did it on purpose cause he had to pee but didn't want to do it on the carpet.  He knew its easier to clean up on the tile.  So when an hour later he almost did it again I told him to go on the potty.  And he did!  Although he used a lot of toilet paper. 

I told him to go get underwear on instead of putting on another diaper, but no he wants to wear a diaper.  And yes, he put that on himself too.  Watching this whole process was so cute.  So determined, so methodical.  2 year olds are great, especially when they potty train themselves.


  1. oh i wish i could get my 2 yr old boy to potty train.. he will take his diaper off when he wets and bring you a dry one.. he is only my second baby my first is a 3 yr old girl who potty trained in one weekend so i HAVE NOT a clue on how to go about training him and im due to have another little girl at the end of this week.Any advice would be wonderful..

  2. I typically do the timer method. I put them in underwear then set the timer for every 15 min and have them sit on the potty. Then increase the time between potty trips. I reward them with stickers. I tape a piece of paper to the wall and them them put stickers on it every time they go. Of course I tried that for the 7th time, trained all the other kids this way, but my 2 yr old will have nothing of it.