Thursday, January 28, 2010

Babies and Poop

This isn't going to be a post about you think its going to be.  Really.  3 completely unrelated things happened today but lends itself perfectly to a title that will lead you to believe its about something else. 

First - on our way to the park we passed the sewer treatment plant and the smell was horrendous. The Dh described it as rotten dog poo and sour milk.  Everyone in the car was gagging, the smell was overwhelming.  Then out of the blue my 10 yr old announces, "It smells like grandpa!" So now on top of gagging we were nearly choking from laughing so hard.  I didn't even have to ask which grandpa, I knew which...and it wasn't my dad. 

Second - I have a new niece!  My only niece! She weighed in at 5 lbs 14.6 oz.  While small that's actually almost a pound bigger than we expected her to be.  The Dh asked if I had baby cravings from it.  He knows me too well.  But oh my is this baby beautiful!  I can not wait to see her, which I should have had the opportunity to do.  It was hospital FAIL day which is a story for another post. 

Third and lastly - we arrive at poop again.  While on the phone to the Dh my 5 yr old comes in and announces, "I only had a little to eat but I pooped SOOOO much."  I thanked him for sharing so readily with me.  As if I didn't have enough of poop this week.  Still no matter of poop can take away from the joy of having a new niece. 

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