Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How do you find Blogs?

I don't know if I am nosey or just hungry for knowledge, but I like to read blogs.  I follow about 2 dozen blogs and I am always looking for more.  I read blogs about Couponing and Bookmarks.  I follow blogs about moms and Childbirth.  Which is kinda one in the same.  But it seems so hard to me to find these great blogs.

I sometimes look at the followers on blogs and see what else they are following.  Thats how I found the couponing one.  I always look at signatures on forums to find blogs - thats how I came across Flinging Debt's Blog.  Sometimes I look at the comments in the blogs I read and follow the links.  A couple of blogs I found when someone guest blogged for someone else.  And Blogger's Blogs of Note is what led me to the Bookmarks blog. The dh told me about The Helios blog, but hes really the only one to share with me. Then there are the blog websites like Blog Catalog.  Every once in a while someone will post a link like I am doing and I find a great little blog.  

And still I only have 2 dozen.  I know there are more out there.  I know there are popular blogs but no one ever seems to talk about it.  Like they don't want anyone else to discover their great blog.  I know the time I followed a blog and I was the very first one and it slowly became more and more popular I felt a little proud.  I was there first.  Sometimes I think that the question seen on so many job applications asking you to list 3 or 5 blogs you read is just a sly attempt at finding great blogs for themselves. 

So how do you find blogs?


  1. Two dozen? Ack. I think I follow 4 (and one has only written one post). Two are sisters, one is my hubby and one is you. LOL. I did follow Mrs. Mimi for awhile, but stopped that because I felt like I had too many I was looking at daily. LOL.

  2. I know what you mean. I have very few blogs that I've found just by looking for blogs. Most of them I read are women I "know" through messageboards. I'd be interested to know how others find them. I have one, though, if you're looking for more to follow :)

  3. I think the Dh should write a blog. Can you imagine? It would be Dilbert meets Family Circus. It'd be great.