Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elephant Birth


Ok now that that is out of the way, this really is amazing.  Several things struck me as I watched this video. First, I was surprised to see that Elephants give birth from underneath, I assumed it would be from under their tail like a cow.  Silly me, I should have realized that would be a LONG way to fall.  Second, the sound the baby makes sounds just like a baby crying.  I never realized before that animals could cry like humans do after they are born.  It only makes sense, I have seen Swans cry when one has died and dogs cry when they have gotten hurt.  And third when the mother is bearing down she opens her mouth wide.  If you have read any Ina Mae you know that reference...open mouth open bottom.  I love this video, its so cute.  But oh boy, what a mess.

My kids thought this was gross.  But they liked to see the baby Elephant once it was born.  If you have any kids interested in animals say as a Vet or Zoologist they will find this interesting as well.

Without Further Ado - Elephant Birth

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