Thursday, January 7, 2010


When my parents moved they couldn't get their washer up the stairs to the laundry room.  So lucky me has been doing their laundry for 2 weeks.  Like I don't do enough.  My poor poor machine.  In fact right now I have a load of my parents drying in the dryer.  My mother is coming over tomorrow with more. I'm faint with anticipation. I really gotta get the Dh over there to move their machine. 

But do you know what gets a mom really excited about laundry?  No, not letting everyone run around naked. What really gets a mom excited is having more washers and dryers.  I have dreamt beautiful dreams of laundromat style laundry rooms with rows of washers and dryers.  It made the ridiculous scene from Cheaper by the Dozen when they were in the basement with all the washers and dryers seem sane.  Anyhow, while I was touring the new HGTV Dreamhome I noticed it said there are 2 laundry rooms!  Well that sealed it for me.  I want to win that house.  I don't care that its a state away, I could do my laundry in half the time.  I told the Dh we were gonna win it, cause it has 2 (TWO!) laundry rooms.  His Response?  "One for you and one for your mom." 

I was thinking 'Shes gonna drive all the way from Phoenix to do laundry?'  Yea who am I kidding. The house has casita. 

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