Friday, January 15, 2010

You might have a lot of kids if...revisited

In case you missed it the first time....You might have a lot of kids and/or be quiverfull if:

You actually hope your relatives don't buy your kids gifts at Christmas because you are dreading the mess.

You have so many pictures of kids that you filled up a 4 gig drive in 6 mos, and you aren't a professional photographer.

You keep your pee sticks and actually post pictures of them for all the world to see.   It skeeves the DH to see mine laying around.  So I have to hide them. 

Dh points out a Tour Bus and says, "That's our next vehicle." 

People call and ask if your family wants to join them on a field trip because theres enough of you for a group discount.  No, really, true story.  Being "used"  takes on a whole new meaning when you have a lot of kids.

You are now a proud owner of not 1 but 2 side by side fridges and a stand alone freezer.

Your savings consists of all the loose change you find in the washer.

Even the kids can't keep all the names straight.

You are out shopping with your mother when you see a sale on maternity clothes and she says, "You better hurry up and get pg."  We wouldn't want to miss a sale now would we.

Every time your grandmother visits there is a new baby for her to meet.  This time she gets to meet 2 new babies, mine and my brothers.

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