Monday, August 17, 2009

You might have a lot of kids if...

You might have a lot of kids if...

  • You buy car seats in pairs.
  • You have 5 brothers and your son says, "Thats it?"
  • It takes you 2 hours to do your grocery shopping for the week. (this might have something to do with the fact we took all the kids with us)
  • When you have a sofa, love seat and a rocker and your dh quips, "We need more seats."
  • When you are thankful the 2 yr old still is in diapers for the most part (Even if it means having 2 in diapers) after you hear the bathroom door open and shut, open and shut and the toilet flush non stop at 6:45 in the am.
  • When dh buys 2 cases (20 count) of notebooks for the kids for school and he comments that if its not enough he can go pick up another case.

Or You might be quiverful if...

  • You buy maternity clothes even when you aren't pregnant because they are on sale and you figure you will need them anyway.
  • When you have baby record books for 10 kids and you only have 8.
  • When you keep your left over birth supplies from your last birth because you figure they won't go bad in the next 18 months.
  • When you are at the grocery store and someone asks, "Are you done?" and you think they mean with the grocery shopping.
Add your own! I know this could be a never ending blog post.


  1. Hmm... when I went shopping for baby clothes for my son, I picked up a couple little girls' dresses, because the price was so good...

    How about:

    You might have a large family if you measure time in kids (That was betwween Hannah and Peter)....

    You might be quiverfull/have a large family if when thinking about the lifetime of a vehicle or furniture, you try to guess how many kids you will have in 5 years...