Monday, August 31, 2009

Monetary Monday - How we do it.

Who doesn't think about money at least once a day?  Rich and poor alike, we can't escape it.  Its always there.  We either need it or want to spend it.  How many times have I been asked "How can you afford it?" Or "You must be rich." or worse "You better not be living off my dime."  IE - we're on welfare or some other assistance.  We've been cornered by someone who wanted to know how we could afford it, did we use coupons, what did dh do for a living, and then the final bomb: how much do you make a year?

I know people wonder, how we do it.  First, no we are not on welfare.  Second, we do it like everyone else does: we work.  My husband is a Linux admin for a large corporation. He brings in the bulk of our money, what pays the bills. We live pay check to pay check.  I work from home selling home made cloth items like Napkins and Diapers.  Last year was much better than this year, and I don't know if it will get any better.  Next year will probably be even worse if the new Lead testing laws start to breath down my neck. I use that money for gifts.  I also use it to pay for materials to make diapers for Miracle Diapers.  Dh also does pizza delivery 2 nights a week.  We use that money for a saving for things we need.  We have bought a dining room table, a baby swing and bouncy seat, a bunk bed, stuff of that nature.  Things that aren't in the bills but we need them. Yes, when you have 8 kids you need stuff like bouncy seats and swings unless you want your baby walked on.  You can't leave them any where!

Third, its all about lifestyle folks.  We aren't living the high life and we never have.  We do like to travel but being pregnant so often put a cramp in that anyway.  We don't own the latest and greatest electronics.  There is not an iPod in the house.  We have a flat screen tv - its broke but we own one.  We do have a lot of computers.  4 to be exact cause dh frankensteins them back together. People give us broken ones and dh uses the good parts to make a new one. We do not buy the name brand clothes unless its super cheap.  Our furniture is worn and our house does not look like a model.  Our cars run, when they no longer run we buy a new used one.  Our lives are no less rich and rewarding because we choose to live a simple lifestyle.  In fact our lives are more rich and rewarding because we choose not to be so focused on material possessions.  We pay our bills, we live our life and we try to enrich the lives of those around us.

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