Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It would figure

We spent 3 days cleaning carpets and $80 to replace the blinds for our walk through. Dh took a day off work and I took off with all 8 kids to my parents house. I even took the dog with me so she wouldn't be barking and jumping on people. The trek to my parents house is a 55 mile round trip. The time frame the rental agency gave us was 10 am-3 pm. So I left the house at 9:30. We had lunch and went swimming. It wasn't long after we got done with swimming that my mother got a call that someone wanted to see her house, which is on the market. The irony. So then we cleaned her house. Then I get a call from dh that the rental agency had come and left. That quick. All the lady did was come in the hall way look around, ask a few questions and leave. So I packed up the kids and started my trek back home.

New blinds - $80
Days off work - 1
Hours cleaning - Countless
Time with the landlord - 5 minutes

Yea, that seems about right. It would figure. So would this be considered a victory for Murphy's Law?

Oh well, I have a clean house to come home to. We enjoyed swimming, and dh got a much needed break from work. So all wasn't worthless.

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