Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Recently Dh and I have been playing some online games, and the competition has gotten fierce. We have taken to accusing each other of cheating when one surpasses the other. When one reaches a plateau at a game we move on to another. The game looses its savor once there is no more competition, no more back and forth.

We've always enjoyed games. I have fond memories of playing Triominos with dh on our bed- large with our first child. We enjoy each ours company, we love to challenge ourselves and the games are always lite hearted. But I have never before realized how competitive we really are. For instance: If dh says hes tired, he only got 6 hours of sleep, I'll tell him wall at least you weren't up nursing a baby every 2 hours. Or I'll list off everything I did today and dh will take it upon himself to do all the housework he can just so he can say, "Finally I can sit down." I'll complain about the kids, dh will tell me at least I don't have to drive in traffic. And I got great satisfaction last year when I made more money than he did, probably the only time in our marriage that will happen.

Neither of us ever ends up a sore looser though. If we did then the competing would stop and then what fun would we have? I have noticed our children are also very competitive. I actually noticed that about them before I realized it about ourselves. Typical. But they don't handle defeat well. So perhaps this competition between dh and I could really serve to teach our children how to handle loosing graciously. And for the record, I have lost more than dh. I trail him in all but 1 of our games. I do have to say I'm the more gracious looser.

No, this is not an excuse to play more games, although thats a great idea. You can steal it if you want.

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