Thursday, August 13, 2009

Terrible 2's

I have had the joy of having 7 two year olds. The terrible twos aren't as bad in some kids, they just get spunky. But some kids, oh some kids are just hand fulls. Take my 2 year old right now, hes keeping me on my toes thats for sure.

Yesterday he tried drinking the olive oil. That would have been yummy. Today he broke the baby's toy. It was one of those the baby lays under and bats at the toys that hang down. We've had it since #2 was a baby. That toy served us for 10 years and 6 kids and ds was able to break it in a month. Hes already broken the bouncy seat and is bent on breaking the swing. Hes as quick as lightening and just as destructive. But I think the worst has got to be pooping on the kitchen table. He was serving it up for everyone! Now I was changing a diaper and using the restroom when this happened but I have this image in my head where he climbs up on the table and squats. He probably inspected his work when he was done. I was tempted to take a picture, if it weren't for the subject matter. Just to prove that this indeed did happen.

Yet, despite all that I do want more. And I do have another coming up that will eventually be 2, despite my repeated efforts to keep them babies forever. They have this tendency to grow up. The times when they are cute and funny out weigh those bad times. They say the funniest things, have the quirkiest out look and observe life in the most unbiased of manners. One minute my 2 yr old will be tearing up a book and the next minute he will be trying to teach the baby how to high 5. I've caught him laying on his belly, face to face with the dog yammering on and on about what I can only imagine is very important business.

And I think the 2 yr old phase of doing crazy things doesn't really end. The terrible 2s just turn into the Testy Threes and then the Feisty Fours and the Finky Fives. You get the idea.

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