Saturday, August 15, 2009

Don't Freak out

Yesterday dh brought in a letter and said, "Don't freak out." when he handed it to me. It was from our rental agency. I am thinking things along the lines of dh forgot to pay the rent and they are kicking us out, or they are selling the house, or something along those line. It was just a notice they are doing a walk through on Wednesday.

Dh would have good reason to tell me not to freak out. We have 10 people in this house. While I keep the house as clean as possible it is lived in. Toys, piles of clothes, stuff on the counters. Not to mention the broken blinds. They must be the cheapest blinds ever made. It is a rental after all, but these things have broken just by me opening them. The plastic snaps in half around the cords. I have 5 windows I have to replace blinds on. Yea by Wednesday.

Not to mention dh had to break off the lock on the pantry because one of the kids locked it the day we moved it and the rental agency had no key. We replaced it but it took paint off the door in the process. So we have to repaint that.

And remember the carpet cleaning? We have done it twice since I posted and will do it again on Tuesday. A tip for mothers, don't give your kids anything purple to drink. White grape juice is just as yummy as the purple stuff.

No, I didn't freak out. Yea its a headache and lots of work but it could be worse. My mother however did freak out. Wanted to know why they were doing an inspection. We are 60 days out on our lease. We have to give 30 days notice. So this is 30 days before that. If we don't renew they need to know what needs to be fixed and replaced. Besides, now the kids HAVE to clean. I get a clean house out of this. Whose freaking out?

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