Sunday, August 23, 2009

T minus 7 days till school

This is the last week of Summer break. I actually did school with the kids most of the summer and then they succeeded in convincing me they needed a break. What for I don't know. They have done nothing but fight and argue with each other.

"Hes calling me purple!"
"Well are you purple?"
"Then why do you care what color he says you are?"

They find the strangest things to fight over. With them, its an art form. Tell me how its fun to argue and fight all day? They only have so much time on summer break and they spend it miserable?

I will be spending the week getting everything ready for school on Monday. I am actually pretty excited. Kids, not so much. I am planning several field trips over the next few months. My oldest will be doing Discovering Great Artists and I am using How to Teach art to Children for the other kids. So we will take a trip to the Phoenix Art museum. Right down the street from that is the Trolley museum and library. I can hear the kids complaining already about the walking. At least when they complain they aren't picking on each other.

Only a week. The order will be restored. The angels will sing and the clouds will part, it will be glorious. Until they start to complain about the school work.

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