Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Am I a bumpaholic?

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Really? I am addicted to being pg? Wow, someone should have filled me in years ago. Then I wouldn't had had all these kids.

I wouldn't doubt that there somewhere, is someone who had kids because they are addicted to being pg. I personally know no one who did that, but stranger things have happened. Being a parent is hard work. The 9 mos of bliss that they might experience is mightly outweighed by the lifetime work of being a parent. Personally I have to remind myself that its only 9 mos out of the lifetime of joy I get to experience with them. I would think there is a reason most people only have 1 or 2 kids.

But this narrow minded look at pg women fails to address the other reasons women have more than 2 kids. Even if they aren't qf. The sheer love of children, or the desire to have a big family. 50% of all pgs are unplanned, perhaps women having more than 2 have had failed bc and don't want to abort. Some would rather have children then deal with the side effects of birth control. There is a myriad of reasons a person might have children, to try to pigeonhole it because the number doesn't fit their preconceived notions of what family is, is very narrow minded.

Oh well, some women are addicted to being pg. There are worse thing to be addicted to. If I was gonna be addicted to anything, I would want it to be that. At least then I wouldn't dread getting pg so much.


  1. I can get addicted to anything. I've been addicted to spider solitaire, to tetris, to surfing the web.... and I know enough not to try anything like alcohol and drugs.

    My first pregnancy, I was so happy. For the first time in my life (that I can remember), I was not depressed. I was worried about losing that after the pregnancy. Then I was worried about losing it after I was done breastfeeding. Things did even out somewhere in my four months of very-much-not-addictive afterpains, but I haven't been depressed again.But more than halfway through my second pregnancy I can very easily say I'm not addicted. And if anyone could get addicted to it, it would be me.

    Now if I could get those hormones working like that again, though... that might be something else.

  2. My mom is like that. Gets addicted to everything. Facebook has been terrible for her lol. But she didn't have 6 kids because she was addicted to pg. In fact she always said she doesn't mind the labor so much, thats only a day but she hates being pg.