Saturday, August 1, 2009

What I call shopping

Yesterday my mother called and told me Kohls was having a 90% off sale. She wanted to take me for my birthday so we went around 8 last night. I thought we would be about an hour. HAHAHAH. Yea. No. Try 2.5 hours. And we could have stayed longer but I forgot the diaper bag.

I try to buy used; not just for the saving, but because I don't like to contribute to the over production of goods. Especially when there are plenty viable goods still there for us to use. But when there is a sale where you can get things cheaper than used, well you gotta go shopping! I was especially feeling guilty because while hanging clothes this week I noticed some of my oldest daughters clothing was fraying and had small holes. She hadn't said a word about it.

So what I ended up getting was 2 outfits for the girls. Matching, so cute. Its a shirt, pants and head band for $3.60 each SET. Yes, for the SET. A shirt for my oldest for $2 and a dress for my youngest dd for $3. Then I found a shirt for my 3 yr old and another for my 6 year old for a total of $5. So with tax I paid $20. My mother bought me for my birthday 4 t-shirts at $2 each, a shirt we are going to convert into a nursing shirt for $5 and a pair of shorts for $8. So for $40 we got 14 articles of clothing. And I only spent $20 of that.

Thats how you provide for a large family. My budget was $50 but thats all I could find. This year was not a good year for fashion I am afraid. What is with all the polyester? And trying on clothes, not a good morale booster for a mom. I now hate full length mirrors. While my mom did buy me a pair of shorts I think I am gonna stick with long skirts. What modesty? I just don't want to traumatize people. Between the stretch marks and varicose veins I look like a topographical map.

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