Friday, July 31, 2009

Shes a maniac, maniac

I swear most of my days are spent running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off. I am reminded of that scene from Flash dance where Jessica Beals is dancing and sweating in the warehouse. Is like that for me, but I don't get to dance. I get to run around doing chores. I think maybe there is a game show to be made here. I'll have to get back to that one. I don't understand why I'm not thinner. Maybe I am like that bread and fish that fed the masses.

My day starts out with me running around and ends with me running around. At least in my head. Takes me forever to turn off my brain so I can sleep, it keeps going - thinking of my to do list even after my body has collapsed into bed. But I make goals for myself that I want to accomplish that day, on top of the chores that need done. Sometime I get to them sometimes I don't. But hey, at least I had a goal. Its the thought that counts right?

Todays goal was to finish the diapers I have sitting here for my kids. I have another huge pile for my store. But I figure that can wait. My kids need poop catchers. Apparently diapers don't last forever. I had to throw a couple away recently. They had seen better days. But considering the youngest of the diapers were 5 years old I couldn't complain too much. I think I had gotten my money's worth. But still that meant I needed to make more. Thankfully a friend sent me fabric as a gift after the baby was born. Heres my pile as I am sewing.

And here are the diapers all done.
My sewing machine got a work out. I was sewing so fast so I could get them done while the baby napped. I am really really looking forward to relaxing this sabbath now.

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