Monday, July 27, 2009

Newtons Laws applied to family

First Law: An object at rest remains at rest, unless acted upon by a net force. An object in motion remains in motion, unless acted upon by a net force.

The first part of the law applies to men and children. They will remain at rest until acted upon by a force. That force is called "Mom".
Example: dh sleeping on the sofa while garbage can over flows, shower drain is clogged and the desk drawer sits in pieces next to him. Mom exerts force, foot to leg. Dh jumps up and is now in motion. or If the object is a child watching tv, the force is usually mom turning off the tv.
The second part applies to mothers. The force that stops the motion is usually called baby but can also be called exhaustion.
Example: Mother runs from room to room stopping fights, loading the dishwasher, wiping butts and putting clothes on the line. The baby crying stops the motion as mother sits to nurse.
Second law: Force applied on a body is directly proportional to the rate of change of momentum of the body or mass times acceleration.

Example: Small child pushes a Pyrex 4 cup measuring cup across the counter. Said cup crashes to the floor and breaks into a million pieces. Mass makes the difference, If the child has pushed a brick it wouldn't have even moved to the edge. Likewise if the child had pushed the 1 cup plastic measuring cup it probably would have flown across the room and landed on carpeting. If you ever want your kids to be scared of breaking glass this is a dramatic way to accomplish that. My 10 yr old is scared to death of glass now.
Third Law: To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Example: Giving a child a bath will result in said child playing in peanut butter. or Nursing a baby will result in spit up or poop. Usually all over you. Or one siblings jumps out of the closet scaring the other sibling into wetting his pants. Which then lends itself to a never ending cycle of actions and reactions where on the children take turns scaring each other and then getting upset that they were either scared or their scare was foiled.
Its the laws of motion, there is no getting around them. And you are armed with a good science lesson if the need arises.


  1. ROTFLOL Oldest ds (12) and I had a great time reading those together! Thanks! :D


  2. Thanks. It was actually a real conversation dh and I had. We couldn't make this stuff up LOL.