Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dh and Stress

Today I had to deliver some diapers I sold. While I demonstrated the diapers to the buyer dh changed the baby behind me. I mentioned what an aio was and dh, feeling the need to also demonstrate, took the dirty diaper he just changed and opened it up to show her. If shes not a repeat customer, can I blame it on him?

Maybe he felt the he had to distract me from what he had said earlier, which was: "You should join a health club, for other than the obvious reasons I mean." Oh yea, hes gaining tons of points with me today. Actually, we were discussing ways to destress. Exercising, swimming, meeting other people. Nothing like trying to make friends while you stink like a skunk and drip with bodily fluids. I guess if they are willing to talk to you the next time they are probably pretty decent folk...or have no olfactory senses.

But it is hard to meet people when you have a large family. We scare people away. Other folks who could handle us usually have a bunch of their own. Which means 2 busy schedules trying to match up, kinda like getting all the planets to align. Of course, if dh goes around showing people our dirty diapers we might have an ever harder time of making friends.

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