Saturday, July 18, 2009

The funny times - revisited

Ds3 was eating a donut while he talked to the baby. He returned to the table to find his plate gone, "Hey who ate my donut?" dh told ds he took care of the plate because DS ate the donut. Poor ds realized it was now in his tummy and said, "Oh I didn't know." Wow, playing with the baby must have been really exciting to make ds forget he was eating a donut!

My quirky 10 yr old dd asked if the baby was in his future. I really didn't know how to respond so I asked her if she knew what future meant. She said, "Something that hasn't happened yet." So I asked her if she was in her future. Nope. Ds2 who must have been eavesdropping came over and said, "Now she is, Now she is, Now she is." Like the need to explain a poorly told joke ds says, "Because every second is in her future."

Dh ordered some pizza from where he works as a driver on the weekends and he decided to go pick up the pizza to save on delivery charge and tip. Feeling bad he said, "I guess thats hypocritical but I am a poor driver." Dd1 said, "Oh daddy, don't feel bad. We think you are a good driver."

Recently we were at a party where ds4 found a little girl named Alexia that he liked. One problem, he couldn't get her name right, "I sure do like Alaska."

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