Friday, July 24, 2009

What a day

Yesterday ds1 made apple juice popsicles in the ice cube tray. Yay! for him for being independent. Bad on him for not putting the tooth picks away. Ds5 and ds3 got into them and used them to turn my foot stool into a giant pin cushion. I asked Ds1 why he didn't put them away and he said cause he lost the container. More like the container got up and walked away. Probably on 2 little legs in the form of ds5. I guess not all the tooth picks were used in the pin cushion because about 10 minutes later dd1's foot found one. Tooth picks aren't good for acupuncture. I told ds1 to find all the ones all over the floor and throw those away. He said, "But we won't have any left." Does he realize what they are used for? I told him I don't think anyone wants to put a tooth pick IN THEIR MOUTH after its been playing with dog hair and who knows what else on the floor. So he threw them away. Today I made Banana Bread. Can you guess what I needed?

Now imagine events like that one right after another, all day long. There you have it: my day. Apparently I am a little stressed and my brain has taken a vacation without me. Because I could not for the life of me remember the term for those things you put under glasses to keep your coffee table from getting rings. Yea, Coasters.

Excuse any typos, poor grammar and just total nonsense. Its obvious I have been relived of my senses.

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