Monday, July 20, 2009

Hmmm I wonder how that feels

We all know kids go through stages. Mostly I think just to keep parents on their toes and annoy the heck out of us. They like a food one week and hate it the next. They enjoy doing Mad Libs today and tomorrow they will be on Word Searches. Their never ending rotation of posters on their walls. I can never keep track of their current favorite show or who they are currently crushing on. Right now my 2 yr old is in a texture phase. Remember the peanut butter? Today was a banner day for ds5, he discovered all sorts of textures.

First was the tooth paste. Again. This time he got himself naked and smeared it all over himself. Let this be a lesson to all you sewing mothers out there. Never sew a cape for one son while the other is out of your sight. Its a trick! They are in cahoots. I know it. (The cape turned out great btw, now my clothes pins can stay on the line where they belong.) Turns out he doesn't like toothpaste as much as peanut butter. Especially when its in your butt crack. Minty Fresh! Course I don't enjoy it on the door knob or my sheets either.

Then he was keeping me company while I did my hair. Yea thats what we will call it, keeping me company. Seriously I can't take my eyes of the kid for 2 seconds. Cause thats about how long it took him to stick my hair clip in his mouth - and get it stuck. You know I have never looked at a hair clip and thought to myself, "Hmm that looks tasty, I think I will try it." Obviously a 2yr old has different culinary preferences. I know I don't care for bologna after I used it to cover my legs for the last 5 minutes.

For Dessert we had Ice Cream. Thankfully he was more interested in eating that than wearing it so it was empty when he donned the bowl as a hat. As ds slid across the table to get down his arm went through an ice cream puddle. Fil was concerned ds had ice cream on his elbow. I told him, "Well he put toothpaste in his butt crack and ice cream in his hair; I don't think he cares about some on his elbow. " A sentence to make a mother proud.

At least I know its just a stage. Right? It is just a stage isn't it?


  1. My 35-year-old hubby still has grease on his elbows even though he's been in management for two years now. I'm guessing it's not a stage - at least not for boys! LOL.

  2. omg...I am in tears over the toothpaste in the buttcrack...My little girls love to play in the toothpaste, but that is one place they have never put it, LOL.