Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life Lessons I learned from my 3 year old on Facebook

  • If you leave your children money, they will spend it on absolutely silly things, like cupcakes and balloons.  So spend it before they get a hold of it.  Ala Die Broke
  • If you don't spend the money when you have it for things you marginally need, then when the money is gone you won't be able to spend it on an absolute need.  
  • If the food is there, you will eat it.  Doesn't matter if you are full or not.  Best not to have it around at all!
  • Children have no idea how to take care of living things, so teach them how to do so.
  • If you go broke, the world will not end.  In fact, money comes and goes and next year you won't remember what you spent the money on this year.  
  • Sometimes that stupid purchase isn't all bad, or every cloud has a silver lining.

With dinner in the oven I had to leave my computer .  Silly me didn't close down Facebook when I left the room.  I totally forgot about it till I saw my 3 yr old running out of the room.  He had heard we were going out after dinner and rushed out to get his shoes on.  I suddenly remembered my facebook.  I asked ds if he played on Pet Society; yup he did.  I asked him he spent all my money.  Yup he did.  Surely not all of it!  I came back to the computer, yup he did.  Well almost all of it.  He spent $3000.  On what I am still not sure.  I know there were 2 donuts, 2 mystery boxes, 2 faerie eggs, a balloon arch, a pizza, a slice of pizza, a big salami, 2 chocolate ice creams, 2 cupcakes, he went to the cafe and had coffee.  He kept feeding the pet and feeding her and feeding her.  He uprooted my tree too. 

I didn't spend the 3000 FAKE dollars I had because I MIGHT need it.  Well now I don't have it.  I should have spent it on stuff like a Fridge or a radio.  No, I had to save FAKE money.  What a dingbat. But terrible things didn't happen because I now have no money.  The world did not end.  I did not have some pressing need that suddenly arose. Everything is status quo.  I should have told him how to take care of the tree before he got to it.  But on the upside, a couple of his purchases worked out good.  He also took a picture of his handywork, cause he was so proud of himself.

I wasn't upset at all.  I was laughing so hard.  He was so pleased and had such a good time.  I wished he had a game like it he could play.

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