Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ok so I didn't stick to my menu

It wasn't my fault. Well ok it was my fault. But it wouldn't have been if the kids hadn't worn me out yesterday.

Everything was going good till Thursday night. Yes, we stuck to the menu till then. Then there was the meatloaf. I didn't feel like arguing with the kids so instead of sticking it in the oven I made burger patties out of them. Everyone really liked it. Then I told them what it was. My 8 yr old said he didn't like it, he had only eaten 1 teeny tiny bite. My 7 yr old said he didn't like it - with only one bite left.

Then last night I threw the whole thing out the window and ordered pizza. And it was Goooood. Jalepeno, banana peppers, mushrooms; I am salivating just thinking about it.

We still plan on eating turkey tonight, its going into the oven now. So barring any oven fires (which has happened) or anything else crazy happening we will have turkey.

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