Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fast Food

Occasionally we need to eat out. Mostly cause we are far from home or we're out later than we anticipated. Its always a challenge to find some place that 9 people want to eat at. My 2 yr old won't eat beef either, so that limits it further. And we aren't gonna be buying no $7 meal (seriously have you seen prices?) somewhere when we can go to a sit down restaurant and pay $9 for a decent meal. So we have been experimenting when we go out. Wendy's and Burger King offer pretty decent $1 menus. Not even close to healthy but its cheap, relatively speaking, and they have chicken for my little one.

I have yet to go through a drive thru and actually get what I ordered. I have to wonder what the average order is because I think once we get over that they are lost. It goes something like this, "I would like 7 double cheese burgers. 1 plain, 2 mustard only, 3 ketchup only and 1 regular. I also wanted 2 chicken tender 4 packs. 3 of your largest fries and can we get ranch dip?" Heaven forbid we have anyone else with us who wants something other than a burger or chicken. We generally back up the line as they try to repeat our special order. Finally they just tell us to come to the window, I am sure they figure throw a bunch of stuff in a bag, they can't figure it out.

Of course its a huge order so we have to go around front and wait for someone to bring it out. So much for "Fast" food. While I listen to my kids whine, "Whats taking so long? Where is my food?" I am recounting the order in my head making sure I got everything. They bring out 3 or 4 bags of stuff, stacked full of food. You have to dig your way down there making sure you got everything. This is when the fun begins. We get 9 double cheese burgers, 1 plain, 2 mustard only and 6 regulars. 2 chicken tenders, 3 fries and bbq and honey mustard sauce.

I have never worked in fast food so I don't know how hard it is to take an order. But I'm guessing, based on my contents on my bags, it must be pretty hard.

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