Sunday, August 9, 2009


Food in this house is just frustrating. No 2 people like the same thing. I feel like a short order cook most days. This week our menu looks like this:

  • Monday - Breakfast (yea breakfast for dinner)
  • Tuesday - Tacos
  • Wednesday - Chicken, my own recipe
  • Thursday - Meatloaf
  • Friday - Chili
  • Saturday - Turkey
Now lets see how close we can stick to that menu.

Monday's breakfast shouldn't be too bad. I have some kids who don't like eggs and turkey but pancakes everyone loves. So everyone should get at least 2 things, pancakes, eggs and or bacon.
Taco night is not too bad either. Last week I tried a recipe with roast. You put the roast in the crock pot, sprinkle with taco seasoning and cook on low all day. So simple. I loved it, ds1 loved it. No one else liked it. Ds2 says it tasted like rotten sloppy joes. The week before I tried a turkey taco, got a preseasoned chub for $1 at walmart. I liked it of course, I don't think I have met many foods I haven't like. No one else liked it. So this week back to my old Taco Bell seasoning with ground meat. My 2 yr old doesn't eat beef so he will have a cheese crisp. At least with this meal no complaints.

Wednesdays chicken should be ok too. I make it with poultry seasoning and Mrs. Dash in a frying pan. Quick and easy. Also low in fat (not that it makes much of a difference for me). I am debating if I should make green beans with white sauce for this or on Saturday with the turkey.

Thursday meatloaf could be a challenge. I have the kids all day to myself. Dh works till 10 pm. I am guessing there will be lots of complaining with this one.

Friday's chili. Well dh and I will eat it. Some of the kids should too, I guess I have to give them a little credit. But I am thinking we will probably end up with some bowls of chicken noodle soup on the table. If kids only understood its basically sloopy joes with beans they might not be so adverse to eating it.

Saturday's turkey I am hoping everyone will eat. Fingers crossed because by then we will be out of food. Sunday Morning is my shopping day. I will let you know then if I actually stuck to it. That will require remembering to take out meat to thaw, and making things in the crock in the am and not getting frustrated and telling the kids its pb&j night. That will probably be the biggest challenge right there.

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