Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slap Stick

You know how slap stick got it start? Some guy was watching his wife run around after his kids and thought it was pretty funny. He thought, Hey the guys would think this is a hoot too, so he reenacts it for them. And hence slap stick was born. At least thats what I imagine happened, cause looking at my life, its pretty much like that. Crazy things happen all day long and then I get to reenact it in a sort of story telling that is blogging. Of course you're not "the guys" but perfect strangers; you get the gist.

Of course in the moment I don't think these things are very funny, most of them anyway. But to someone looking in I know they would just crack up, cause they don't have to deal with it!

For instance. Yesterday I was making banana bread and apple pie. After the bananas were already mushed I realized I didn't have enough flour. I had enough for 1 loaf and not the 2 I was gonna make. So I though ok I will just stick the rest of the mushed bananas in the fridge and make 1 loaf now and the other later when dh can bring me more flour. I get to the point where I need to add milk and I took a chug to make sure it was ok and OMG I spit that stuff out so fast. I have never tasted anything so vile. Yea, it was sour. Well now I have a bowl of mushed bananas, a bowl of bread mix and mushed bananas and at least 5 hours till someone gets to me so I can finish it. I guess I will just have to drag all 8 kids out in 110 degree temps to get Flour and Milk. And so I did.

Yup, I did. My oldest daughter helped me get things ready. I dressed the 2 littlest ones. She dressed the 3 yr old. Got everyone shoes on, water bottles all around. We were a well oiled machine. While I was there I remembered I needed more baking powder cause I had used what was left in the banana bread mix that was sitting in my fridge instead of the oven. I also got Apple Juice since we were out, and Bananas, cause well I used all those for the bread. And eggs and you get the idea. I booked it out of there and made it home in record time. From the time we left till we got home was only 35 minutes. Wheres my Super Mom cape? I could use it as a nursing shawl. Someone should get on that.

So finally I get to finish my bread. But not so quick cause now its lunch time. Apparently the kids are hungry and need to eat. Something about needing to grow big and strong. I make them lunch and realize that while I was JUST at walmart I forgot ranch dressing. I roll my eyes as my kids complain about not being able to dip their carrots and cauliflower in ranch while I am STILL trying to finish my bread. Just about done now, only need to add the vanilla. I'm a little shaky cause I haven't eaten and opps. I spilled the vanilla on my shirt. Finally I get one load in a pan and am stirring the second and its really thick. Not at all like the first. I go over the ingredients, making sure I didn't add too much of something. Asked my daughter if she added something after I already had. Nope. Ok, whatever, I will just add more milk. I get them both in the oven and can eat lunch.

Which I do standing since I didn't want to waste time sitting down when I needed to hurry. I had dishes to finish so I could get all the bowls from the bananas bread in there. And the baby needed to nurse. And I still needed to make the crust for my apple pie. and I have having people over so the house needed to be cleaned. The bread is done and I realize the one that was all thick came out better and cooked faster than the first one. So which one did I screw up on? And whatever did happen? We may never know.

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