Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Diaper Confusion

Here is one downfall, if you can call it that, of using cloth diapers. Especially if you are like me and no 2 diapers are alike. Ok I do have 5 blue Fuzzi Bunz, but virtually all other diapers are OAK.

I was rubbing my babies tum and something felt different about his diaper. I couldn't really say what was off, but it felt wrong. I abandoned the thought quickly, as active as we are thoughts rarely linger long. A while later I felt the diaper again. Still felt funny. I figured it was time for a change anyway - I will figure this out. I get his clothes off and hmmm I don't remember putting this diaper on him. It was a black all in one with lady bugs on it. I thought I had put him in a fitted with a bumkins yellow puppy cover. Thats why it felt funny. I must be loosing it if I can't remember what diaper I put on him. It was only when I found the fitted and the bumkins cover in the dirty diapers that it made sense. I called out to my dd, "Did you change the baby?" Sure enough. Here I thought I was going crazy, and it was just my dd being responsible. And no wonder I do so much diaper laundry with back to back diaper changes all day long!

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