Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Duggars are expecting again

Yes, #19 is on the way!  If you didn't already know, now you do! What a blessing!  Many congrats to the Duggar family.  The more they have the less I look like a freak.  They push the boundaries of acceptance.  Which is a very difficult thing to do especially while being in the public eye.  I could never do what they do.  Not only do they live their life well but they do it while being constantly followed by cameras.

They will have to change the name of their show AGAIN!  They should go with something that grows with them.  Like "Dozens of  Duggars"  or "Double Digit Duggars". 

I am guessing they will continue with the 'J' theme of naming.  I think if they have a boy they should go with Joaquin.  You know, spice things up a bit.  Or if they have a girl she should totally be Jasmine.  We didn't stick to a theme with our naming.  I guess it can be a blessing and a curse.  You are stuck with a certain letter, if you run out you have to start making names up.  But then again when you have no idea what to name your kid just pick a name from the baby name book in your letter. 

So congrats to the whole Duggar clan!  I wish Michelle a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

*Be careful what you read on line about the Duggars, it will not uplift you. 

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