Thursday, September 3, 2009

When momma gets sick

I think I will take this opportunity to give you a glimpse inside our house, and show you what happens when momma gets sick. 

Yesterday morning I woke up with pain in my breast.  After a while it occurred to me I must have a clogged duct.  Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake.  Like what else would it have been causing pain in 1 breast?  My 2 yr old spent most of the day screaming, I think they know when we are sick.  So I had to yell over him in order for him to hear me.  My head ached like it was run over by a steam roller.  Surely it was from all the yelling.  It wasn't until the ache had worked its way down to my legs did I realize, 'Oh yea the boob, the pain...Mastitis'. Great.  I had 3 loads of clothes yet to do, a pile of sewing, dinner to be made, dishes to be done, and oh yea 8 kids to take care of.  I told dh had to come home early.  

As soon as he got home I retreated to the bedroom and my castor oil packs. Apparently the kids took this opportunity to destroy the house.  When I got up there was toys everywhere. My 9 yr old knocked his curtains down, and there was a wet washcloth on the floor in the hallway that I stepped on.  The cushion was off the chair in the loft, the dishes didn't get started and the poor dog was out of water.  Dh assured me in the morning it would all be done. 

This morning it was worse than last night.  The kids were upset about every piece of school work they had to do.  The cushions for the sofas were on the floor, blocks were mixed it too. It looked like some sort of demented fruit salad.  Ds couldn't find his sippy cup and dh hung my clothes to dry across the crib.  Maybe he thinks thats what its for, since the baby isn't actually ever in it?  I went back to bed. 

I had to admit when I got up from my "nap" (not sure what you want to call since sleeping didn't actually occur) things were better.  The floor has been cleaned, the curtains fixed, the dishes done and everything is in its place.  Just in time for me to start feeling better. The house did not burn down, no one broke any limbs, all of our furniture is still in one piece and the kids finally finished their school work.  So in the end its all good.  Ok, my boob still hurts but other than that, its all good. 

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