Sunday, September 20, 2009

40 Good Reasons to Have Kids

You didn't really think I could let this one pass could you?  If you haven't heard of the book No Kids: 40 Good Reasons not to have Children I suggest you hop on over to your favorite book retailer and read a review.  Everyone knows children are hard work.  If someone doesn't get that; the middle of the night wakings, the million and 1 diaper changes, the throwing up and diahrrea, the shrieking and tantrums; then that person has seriously been living under a rock.  Not everyone knows what a joy children are, what physical and emotional benefits you can reap.  The dirty little secret is not that raising kids is hard, its that children are amazing!  It would only figure since, everyone was once a child.  Look at the man you love, your awesome bbf who will do anything for you, that co-worker that you envy for having it altogether, they are just bigger versions of kids.

Now I am not saying you have to have kids to learn these things, enjoy these things, or be a better person. Mother Theresa was an amazing woman who never had any of her own.  But I am saying you have a greater probability of learning these things, enjoying these things and being a better person if you have kids. And no, they don't have to come from your uterus. 

40 Good Reasons to Have Kids:

1. You have someone to worry about you the rest of your life.

2. Breastfeeding protects against breast cancer and other life threatening aliments.

3. When you have another living thing to worry about life seems more meaningful.

4.  You are passing on a piece of you for the next generation.

5.  You are guaranteed a hug every day for at least 10 or so years,  many more if you do this parenting thing right.  

6.  You learn to love in ways you never thought possible.

7.  You realize there are more important things in life other than fitting into this seasons swim suit.

8.  Fun has a whole new meaning and is generally more rewarding than say, snow boarding or water skiing.

9.   Its the most exciting thing that will happen in your whole life hands down.

10.  You can live guilt free that you are doing your part to make sure your race, ethnicity, family line survives at least one more generation.

11. The moment a life is placed in your hands you develop an immense understanding on the frailty that is human life. 

12. Not everyone can find the cure for a disease or give charity to thousands.  For those of us who have boring everyday jobs, having children to support makes that work so much more worthwhile. 

13.  You never learned so much about life as you do when you are a parent.  Like how to remove permanent marker from your end table.

14.  Things that were once a total nuisance just don't seem to bother you that much any more.  Things like babies crying, children running and slobber.

15.  You get the privilege of being responsible for a life other than your own.

16. You get to experience an innocence you lost long ago.

17.  You realize your capacity to love has no limit. 

18.  Children teach you how to deal with people better and on more levels.  I am sure one could argue that some people never really grew up. 

19.  When all your furniture is ripped and stained you have a good excuse. 

20.  More reasons to shop for clothes for yourself! I need maternity clothes, and nursing clothes, and fat clothes, and some for every season.  

21. You get to feel like a hero for just being yourself.

22. Its like playing the lotto...oh this one might discover the cure for cancer, or this one might invent transporters.

23.  The more children you have, the longer you live.

24. You have something to get out of bed for.

25. Its a shining light when life is miserable and dark.

26. You look less crazy than when you were treating your dog like a baby.

27.  Having children can be healing both physically and emotionally.

28. You have an outlet for your desire to nurture. And don't deny we have it.  When we stop growing plants that don't produce food or flowers, when we stop owning pets and when we stop dating the bad boys that are projects than you can claim we don't have a desire to nurture.

29.  The beauty you seek in life can be found in your child. Better than multi million dollar painting or visiting fine museums, you will find great beauty in your childs face.

30. What better way to learn multi tasking, organizational skills and interpersonal communication? One trip with me to the grocery store is a better lesson than a whole semester at a top college.

31. You learn unselfishness not easily learned elsewhere.

32. Children are the antidote for laziness.

33. You are creating cousins for your nieces and nephews they wouldn't otherwise have (unless you have more than 1 brother or sister). In china where they have a 1 child policy people have no aunts or uncles, nieces or nephews, no cousins. My own children are very excited  to be anticipating the arrival of a cousin.

34. You appreciate the getaways, the vacations, and the quiet times more when you don't have access to them all the time.

35.  Birth control has side effects. 

36. You are humbled to realize you don't really have this thing called Life completely figured out. Good thing you figured that out before you opened your big mouth huh?

37. You measure your success no longer in real estate, capital or title, but rather patience, acceptance and love.

38. You discover who your real friends are. When your baby poops on someone and they don't freak out, they are a keeper! 

39. Opportunity to get to know some awesome people more intimately than you will get to know anyone else in your life.

40. When you are on your death bed and you look back on your life you won't remember your achievements and accolades but you will remember your children.  

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