Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Call me Crazy

People call me crazy cause I have a bunch of kids, and would love to have more.  People call me crazy when I get excited my 2yr old colored on the desk with permanent marker because that meant I had pictures for my ehow article.  I might be called crazy when I am sitting at the table with the kids pealing elmers glue off my hands right along with them.  People think I'm nuts when my toilet is on the front porch upside down because my daughter flushed a couple toys down it, and I am laughing not crying.  And I down right insane when I run for the camera so I can take pictures of my sons handiwork instead of running to scold him.

But thats ok.  I would rather be crazy than lonely, and I would rather be nuts with laughter than stern and miserable.  I would rather rejoice with the trials of life than be buried by them.  I would rather be called crazy because I have a ton of kids than be crazy because I have a ton of cats.  You can call me crazy and it might very well be true, but I at least I am insane with happiness. 

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