Monday, September 14, 2009

Monetary Monday - Groceries

Oh what fun it is to go grocery shopping.  Especially when you are plunking down $150 each time you go.  We do a huge once a week trip to the store, and usually one small one as well.  We go one to two times a mos to Costco.  And we take one to two trips a mos to another store for our Rice Dream and other organic foods we like.

Yes, we use coupons.  Coupons are like money.  We love coupons.  We are lucky enough to get bundles from fil.  He gets them from a mutual friend.  I don't ask questions, just glad to have them.  We don't play the coupon game, although I do know people who play it well.  We just don't have the time or gas to run around to all the different stores for their deals.  I only have 2 grocery stores near me.  So I stick to those 2.  But the one has a buy one get one free roast every once in a while.  So we will go every day and buy 2 roasts.  We freeze them and make them in to stews, spiedies or just eat them as a roast.

We make a menu and we try to stick to it.  We don't always do so well.  But we try.  Making a menu makes shopping easier since you won't realize you have run out of something when you sit down to make dinner at 4 pm.  Of course having a menu has its draw backs.  You get to hear the kids whine all week when they see something they don't like on the list.  Or if its something they like they repeatedly ask for it.

Right now the store down the street is having a sale. I got raspberries for $1.  They have boxes of mac n cheese for 29 cents.  I use 2 boxes for a meal; .60 cents for a meal ain't bad!  I wonder how often I can give it to the kids before they get sick of it.

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