Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My social experiment

I was in the best mood yesterday.  I had a ton of energy even though I had gone to bed at 11 the night before and gotten up at 5 am.  The only thing that was different was I had to take my brother to work and my future sil to an office.  They don't have their own transportation.  It was an almost 90 min trip, with no getting out, with all 8 kids.  I had to do a lot of bribing with the kids and they still complained.  Yet, I was in a good mood; in a good mood and they didn't wear me out.  Had to be because I had a sense of accomplishment from helping my brother out.  I'm sure it helped that he was uber appreciative. 

My theory is that if I help someone out every morning I will have energy and happiness to last me through the day.  This might be difficult to accomplish though.  I think part of why it worked was that my brother was so appreciative.  If I help out my kids, I don't think they'd be as appreciative.  We've already tested that theory, oh about a million times over.  I could help out dh in some way.  Pour his coffee for him, make him breakfast? Maybe I will just drive my brother to work every morning, that might be easier. 

Maybe some one could be my test subjects.  Someone should try this for a week and report back.  Does it make your day better?  Have more energy?  Happier?  I'd have my kids do it but heavens knows they don't need any more energy. 

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