Saturday, September 5, 2009

5 ways to Reuse & Recycle in your home or Learn how to be cheap like me!

If you are anything like me and need ways to save money I have a list just for you.  I have collected, for your viewing pleasure, the ultimate cheapskate RRR guide for your home.

1. Sock dividers. Organize your socks by type or color easily with reused tissue boxes. Simply cut out the tops and place them in your drawers. No need to buy fancy plastic or wooden ones. Whose gonna see them but you? And you will feel good you reused instead of purchased new. Now take the saving and buy some hankies!

2. Stuffing for a Rag Doll. Save all your lint - Yes Lint - till you have a nice big bag. If your family is the size of mine, this should be in about a month. Use the lint as stuffing for a rag doll, or pillow or whatever you need stuffing for.

3. Give Away containers. Don't recycle those margarine, cottage cheese or dip containers just yet. Reuse them. When you have guests over send them home with left overs in these containers. No worries about having to return them, no money lost if they don't find their way home and no pressure on your guests to remember to return it.

4. Free Fertilizer.  No, not THAT.  That would be gross.  Coffee Grinds and Egg shells. make great fertilizer. If you don't drink coffee you can hop on over to your nearest coffee store and ask for their trash.  My mother had a huge garden which required far more coffee than she was even able to drink.  The nearest Starbucks was glad to help her out.  She got BAGS of coffee grinds for free.

5. Making your own paper.  This is a great craft for kids and is a wonderful way to show recycling in action. Use the paper to make custom gift tags, labels for cocoa you are gifting, and greeting cards.  Be sure to save all your hole punchings, news papers, spiral bound leftovers.  There is so much trash paper all around us.  Put it to some good use!

We all utilize the tissue boxes.  We have taken it one step further and cut up boxes from cereal, crackers, anything that comes in a box.  I use a cracker jack box cut in half in my medicine cabinet for my emery boards and nail clippers.  My 5 yr old keeps one in his sock drawer for his money. Nothing goes to waste in this house.  After all "waste not, want not".

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