Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ah yes, the show about nothing.  Just daily life as seen through the eyes of 4 friends.  Of course it wasn't really about nothing, things happened, they didn't just sit there breathing.  Why are we talking about Seinfeld? When I explained to dh I had nothing to blog about today he suggested blogging about the fact I had nothing to blog about. I laughed; blog about nothing, how silly.  Very Seinfeld I thought.

But Its true, sometimes hilarious things don't happen.  Some days are boring, we go through our routine, no one sticks a screwdriver in a outlet, no one drinks a cup with a dead fly in it.  Profound life altering things don't occur everyday, even in our household. Our life just happens like everyone elses.  Like today.

Today we just lived our lives.  My 2 yr old asked to nurse while holding pizza in one hand and a toy in the other.  I told him he had to put the pizza down so he threw it on the floor.  Oh yes, and my darling 4 year old experimented with pooping standing up next to the toilet.  And while doing "fill in the missing verb" my 7 year old told me to stop saying "blank", as in "The dog _____ at the man."  I washed and nearly dried a whiffle ball in with the laundry, good thing I heard it clunking around in there.  That would have been neat to find melted on the clothes.  Yea, we just lived our lives.  Nothing exciting happened. 

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