Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lazy ways to make dinner

Its 6 pm, whats for dinner?  Did you forget to thaw the meat?  Missing an ingredient for that meal you were planning?  Totally zoned it cause you were up half the night with a teething baby?  We have all had this happen.  So what do you do?  Most people have some tv dinners in the freezer or make sandwiches.  But if you want a truly home made dinner, you're lacking energy, how do you manage?  You can make one of these lazy dinners that we fall back on. Don't blame me if this spoils you to how quick dinners can be. We are having empanadas tonight. 


Pillsbury biscuits (not frozen kind, you can use store brand too)
1lb ground meat
tomato soup or taco seasoning
cheese optional

Brown ground meat, turkey works fine.  Add soup or follow directions for taco seasoning. On a floured surfaces roll out biscuits.  Place meat in center, add cheese if desired and close like a clam shell, pinching edges together.  Bake at the recommended time on biscuit container.  Usually 350 for 15 minutes.  I serve this will green beans and cole slaw. This is a really good time to use that frozen taco meat you have sitting in your freezer...or is that just us? Dh requests this every week, its a big hit.

Super Quick Pizzas

Tortillas, Matza or English Muffins (ewww)
Tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce

This is easy, take your bread product, put on sauce, sprinkle cheese, bake at 350 for like 4 minutes or until cheese is melted. Be careful not to burn, these cook quick. We like cheddar cheese here, but ya'll might find you like some other cheese.

Patty Melts

Left over burgers or frozen phily cheese steak meat
peppers (optional)
cheese of your choice
bread toasted

Cut and saute your onion (you can add peppers too). Take your left over burgers and mince them up in the griddle with the onions.  Throw some cheese on top and sprinkle some water and cover with a lid till cheese is melted.  Place on bread, added sauces like buffalo at your discretion.  If you do the meat first it will be cold by the time the onions are done.

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