Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gender Roles

Perhaps something conservative families more than any other type of family get criticized for is gender roles.  I don't know if people think gender rolls aren't prescribed in smaller families, or over exaggerated in larger ones.  Perhaps they think that because of the way we dress.  Or because we choose to work from home.  Whatever they think, I don't think its justified. 

Now I am not going around telling my girls not to wear dresses cause they might appear too girly or telling my boys they should wear pink so they appear more feminine.  But I do expect all my kids to learn basic life skills, no matter their gender.  I don't expect my girls to be deathly scared of insects just because they are female and I don't expect my boys to like violence just because they are male.  I do however expect them to treat with respect all persons no matter their gender.

My girls are right out there with the boys playing in the desert.  They have no issues with picking up insects or dog poo.  My oldest has no interest in fashion and my youngest girl doesn't see what so gross about changing diapers.  My boys on the other hand spend their time playing kitchen and serving up tasty dishes.  They help me do laundry and have definite tastes when it comes to choosing their clothes.  Its the boys job to clean the bathroom, a job they volunteered for.

However I wish they had some gender specific stereotypes.  My girls have hermit crabs, they are basically spiders in shells.  If looking at them wasn't gross enough I had to find out they molt.  Not only do they molt but they eat their molted skin.   And this is my girls pets! My sons on the other hand fight over the baby, they want to hold him and burp him and watch me give him a bath.  I guess maybe God gave me 2 girls who liked hermit crabs instead of 6 boys who do and 6 boys to help with chores rather than only 2 girls.  See, He knew what he was doing.

As a PS: I wrote this last night.  This am we went to some thrift stores and my 5 yr old son had to have a baby doll.  He came home and changed the diaper twice, "Cause he poopy."  and laid it on a blankey to roll around.  He'll make a good daddy some day.


  1. It's roles not rolls.

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I go back some time later to read what I wrote only to find the typos (usually words left out altogether).