Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Someone please explain to me

Explain to me that on holidays you are supposed to relax because I don't think I've gotten the concept.  I woke up more tired today that I did on Friday and that was after a bout of mastitis.  Going to bed at midnight two nights in a row might have had something to do with it.  Or it could have been the heavy load of chores we did. 

We had to wash our comforter, again.  Its about the 6th time in 6 mos.  We have to do it at a laundromat because Mrs. Brilliant here had to buy one too big to fit in her washer.  Ok it fits but when its full of water it breaks my machine.  Its fun taking 8 kids to small sweaty room for 2 hours with nothing to do but eat candy and play video games. 

We also took a trip to the thrift store where I found a spelling book for ds for next year for $1! Of course what I was looking for was winter baby clothes but hey, I wasn't going to pass it up. 

We cleaned out and rearranged the benches in our van.  I think we might finally have found a workable pattern.  With 10 people, 4 car seats, and 2 broken seat belts its oft resembled a Sokoban game. 

I went through all the boys clothes to see what they needed for winter.  I only need a few pairs of pants for the oldest boys and some baby clothes.  Yay!  I think I might be able to get some hand me downs from my brothers so I am waiting to buy anything.  Having a big family is very economical.  You really get your moneys worth.  Of course I discovered 6 pairs of pants with holes, 2 of which could not be repaired, but the other 4 need to be made into shorts.  That can go on top of the sewing pile, of which I can't even see over anymore.  Thats my "I'll get to it eventually" pile.  

I cleaned out my pantry as well.  I figured it might be a good idea after I found some baking powder in there that expired 2 years before we moved in.  I'm not even sure where it came from, I have a family size can I bought about 2 mos ago when I ran out.  That also might be a sign I have too many spices on my lazy susans. 

I finished 3 diapers, 2 of which are for donation as well as some stock for my store.  Had a swimming party at my parents and wrote 2 articles.  Now that I think about I am surprised I had the energy to stay up till midnight two nights in a row! 

Someone should have told me it was Labor Day...oh wait, thats what I did.  I labored all day. I do that every day don't I?  Well someone should have told me it was a holiday!

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