Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 3 of the 2009/2010 school year

I hope this first week is not an indication of what the whole year will be like.  Never have I heard so much whining about things like coloring.  Not sure what that was all about.  DD and I were very excited about the art we are doing this year and I thought the other kids would be too.  HA.  Never underestimate a child's desire to do absolutely nothing.  Seriously, coloring?  They didn't want to color?  This wasn't a choice however and dog gone it they were gonna color!  Yes, 2 of my kids aren't dressed.  Right now its not even 11am and its 100 out. And yes one of my kids is giving himself bunny ears and rolling his eyes.  You really didn't expect a perfect picture did you?

Actually we were learning about lines: Diaganol, Horizontal and Vertical.  First they drew the lines, then they made stuff out of those lines.  A whole new world opened up to them.  Wow!  So this is how art is made.  Ds said, "I guess if I want to be a game designer I should learn how to draw."  Light bulbs went off.  They had fun.  All the whining was now a distant memory.  They asked to do it again the next day.

DD also made her own paints.  Chalk, egg whites and water, which made some beautiful pictures.  They sure are talented.  I know they didn't get it from me.  I am lucky my clothes match every day and I usually need to ask dh, "Do I look ok?"  Hence the whole Jean Skirt episode.

I hope the whole year isn't the whine, complain, love cycle.  I only have so much patience.

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