Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In which I must always preface by saying

"I have 8 kids so....

- I really need a black couch with no rips or holes.  Cause my kids will destroy it in a day if it does."
Said when trying to find a new sofa.  Which has now been put on hold to instead pay for our van registration.  For what I pay for that I could buy 2 new sofas every year.

- I buy a lot of food."
Said to a cashier when she remarked, "Oh you have 2 carts?"

-It gets kinda noisy here."
Said to the lady from Vital Records as I hid in my closet to give her the babies name.  She asked if I had a day care.  Yea, lady.  I've got all my day care kids here less than a week after having a baby. 

-I am not able to get dressed everyday."
Said to the folks from Dept. of Justice after I opened the door to them while wearing shorts and a tank top with my hair all floppy. 

- I understand."
Said to a parent after their baby projectile vomited all over me and the floor.  

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