Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Education at the Zoo

Don't you spend your days off school doing educational things?  We got our yearly membership, which actually entitles us to admittance to zoos all across the country.  Not that we ever leave the state, but theoretically of course. 

Its a cold rainy day, I swear I do live in the desert.  You would never know by how often its rained the last couple of months.  Everytime we go out we get rained on it seems.  Anyhow, its cold so it was interesting to see how slow these cold blooded animals were moving.  The tortoises had heat lamps on them, poor things. 

They have an elephant from Ringling Bros.  She was so cute, seemed to be sniffing us.  We saw wolves playing, you know by watching them its funny to think they are as dangerous as they are.  They seem so playful and cute.  Some lemurs were making a huge fuss, and we saw some Gold Eagles that were bigger than my toddler.  But the highlight of everyone's day by far was the orangutans.

The toddler orangutan was playing and falling and the kids were just laughing away at her.  Then she climbed up to her mother and started nursing.   Orangutans nurse for 3-4 years and this toddler will be 4 next week.  The exhibit was busy, we weren't the only ones enjoying watching these guys play and eat.  I was hoping I would hear at least one other person remark on how sweet it was to watch her nurse.  One father said to his little girl, "Oh look shes smelling her mothers hair."  Meanwhile some kids down on the other side said, "OMG look shes sucking her nipple."  It made me sad that the father couldn't be honest with his daughter about what was going on. The Dh said, "When I heard that I knew it would tick you off." And why wouldn't it?  Its an ANIMAL, how can nursing be obscene on an animal?  The kids I understand, it probably didn't even occur to them that there are no bottles in the wild.  And I have to wonder whose fault that is.  Even my kids, when I pointed out he was nursing, all in unison sighed, "Awwwwww."  Right down to the head tilting to the side and eyes batting.  Which did you know you can't sigh Awwww with your head straight?  Try it.  You automatically tilt your head. 

We will be going back in a few weeks, we should get some good pics then.  I was upset I didn't get any of the nursing session. Not only did I forget my camera, I forgot my phone, my daughter forgot her, my brother forgot his and the Dh's phone doesn't take pictures.  Would figure on the day I forget every camera I would want a picture of something for my blog. 

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